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Night City

Sometimes a job goes on so long, I think “man, am I glad that’s done”. I pack my gear, walk out the door and into the night.

A couple of hours later I started the car.


Night City #1

I made these pictures in a parking lot after working for several hours photographing someone else’s work in a hotel.


Night City #2

At that moment, the sky’s light was in balance with the lights of the world around me.


Night City #3

At certain times of the day, in certain seasons of the year, the moon sits near the horizon as the sky holds the sun’s radiant influence… and their brilliance and tonal range matches the ambient lighting we have created here on earth.
It’s a good time for a photographer to have a tripod handy.


Night City #4

Since these were made with multiple and/or long exposures up to 1.3 seconds each, and I was moving the camera within those intervals, the tripod’s main function was to assure the composition and to enable a degree of repeatability.


Night City #5

It was a good time to have a nice camera at hand. And a tripod.