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About Tom Meyer

I live in Decatur, Georgia, USA and and have a small studio in Little Five Points just east of Atlanta.  I specialize in location portraiture and work in studio constructing still life imagery and  photographing people and products for a wide range of clients.

I’ve been using a camera seriously since about 1976 when I lived in Upper New York State. There I made my first picture with Kodachrome 25 and a 30 year old Argus C-3 camera given to me by my father. He was a compulsive amateur photographer whose father was compulsive amateur photographer. I was 23 years old.

Look to this blog for more self critique and my commentary on the art and business of photography, and please leave any comment you feel is relevant.

Tom Meyer 2011-06-02

p.s. In print, I am T.W. Meyer because that’s how I’ve signed my name for years. In the real world, please call me Tom or if you just really want to call me T.W. then please pronounce it with the thickest white boy southern accent you can muster… like “Tay Dubya”, and men, scratch yer belly when you say it. Women, please twirl your hair around one finger and kids, kick some dirt. Thank you.

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  1. umasumeros #

    Thanks for your great photo “Ring Bearer” – totally excellent.

  2. Brett #

    Just found your wonderful FB. Proud to know the author of those posts. And you should take your own photo. More handsome now than back then. Chicks don’t really age that way for the most part. That’s this old world, though, ain’t it?

    Pax et lux,

    Brett Butler
    (not the ballplayer)


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