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What is it about “dog”?



There’s all that standard and understood stuff about food and shelter, obedience and companionship.
Books are filled with instruction on how to get it, and how great it is when you have it…


But once all those things have been studied, adopted and imposed, there seems to be
something more important and perhaps unknowable between humans and a dog.

TWMeyer-20130822-8969It’s a connection that is symbiotic, dynamic and mysterious.


I feel more attuned to life with a somewhat unruly animal in the house.


TWMeyer-20110919-8802I take on some of her wildness


while she accepts some of my domesticity.


Hunting a Rat in the LariopeShe’s caught five squirrels while walking on a leash…



and does not know how to share a bed.

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