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seeing the air, feeling the light

The window seat bedroom at Anna's Veranda, Inlet Beach Florida

The window seat bedroom at Anna’s Veranda, Inlet Beach Florida

This room has a dream-like ambiance. The smell of the ocean, the brilliant yet completely soft light, even on a cloudless day. The well controlled yet expansive palette of the room and a deep visual range that reaches from the silk coverlet to the window seat, beyond the second story veranda, over the dunes and white sand beach and into the gradient blue of ocean/sky all the way to the invisibly blended or crisp curved horizon of the Gulf of Mexico… it’s a room you can just stand in, for days. Waking up there is hard to describe in words. Any collection of superlatives falls short.

I’m going back in August and it’s something I think about with great anticipation and an experience I remember with such complex clarity; the arrhythmic mantra of the distant surf and sea birds, the occasional drone of the beach patrol’s fixed wing aircraft… the sound of the shower down the hall.

It’s one of several bedrooms at Anna’s Veranda, a 100 year old restored Victorian home in in Inlet Beach on the Redneck Riviera, just west of Panama City Beach and East of Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Quiet. Beautiful.

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  1. ah, those creative types!
    if the exteriors are anywhere near as dreamy as the room, then what a place to meditate on one’s art…


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