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Deepest Shade

These magnolia flowers represent many things to me, which shifts as my experience of life evolves.

Their temporal beauty is fleeting, often changing in the moments required to make an image.
Within that transience resides a reluctant quality of beauty; lush and sensual, yet achingly impermanent.

There’s a literary Gothic quality to these blooms that seems intrinsically Southern; their romantic, mysterious nature, hidden in the deepening darkness under towering and ancient trees, with yesterday’s fallen underfoot, revealing the inevitable fate of the sensual beauty that glows before you.

An aspect of photography that draws me in is the arresting of a moment into a fixed image. It creates an almost dishonest memory that reveals beauty with accuracy, but ignores any larger truth.
In this is great value for the hopeless romantic.

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TWMeyerBW-20140630-4729TWMeyerBW-20140629-4625TWMeyerBW-20140629-4567TWMeyerBW-20140629-4496magnolia grandifloraTWMeyerBW-20140617-3559TWMeyerBW-20140614-3524TWMeyerBW-20130529-5988TWMeyerBW-20120610-3727TWMeyerBW-20120531-2929TWMeyerBW-20100616-1589TWMeyerBW-20100521-9567

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  1. Exquisite.. totally exquisite

  2. Monika Grogan #

    I love magnolias <3.


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